About us

We are not a corporation in which the smallest decision has to be approved by twenty people from fourteen departments.

We are a start-up!
We have been operating on the market for over 7 years and have done a number of prestigious projects for even more prestigious institutions. Our developers can combine fire with water. They create solutions that drive the customer's business and at the same time - are user-friendly.

Who are we not?
We are not a soulless, hierarchical corporation. For us people are the most valuable component of the company. Today we know that we have created an unique company culture that empowers our talents to achieve more.

What we believe?
That hard work can translate to sensational results. And that atmosphere influences the fun during work, and that the fun influences creativity. Because the creative programmer resembles the speeding locomotive from the third part of "Return to the Future." It is unstoppable!

What we don't believe?
We don't believe in the human's creativity limits, because every day we move the boundaries for a few centimeters.